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The joint venture between Global Stage Techs Inc. and Retro Corpus Christi to establish GST Production Incubator stems from a thorough analysis of the needs and opportunities within the local Creative and Cultural Arts community in the Coastal Bend region. Our aim goes beyond nurturing artistic talent; it's a strategic effort to enhance our venues, events, and the esteemed Art Walk in downtown Corpus Christi. Our primary goal is to offer a dynamic platform for local artists, fostering creativity and innovation. Through immersive experiences, we aspire to inspire art that captivates our audience and enriches our cultural landscape.

Step into the realm of entertainment excellence with Noe Ybarra, President and owner of Global Stage Techs Inc., and The Artisan by GST.  With over 25 years of entertainment industry experience, Noe has made a significant contributions to iconic names like Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney Parks, Franco Dragone Ent., Feld Entertainment, and more.

Returning to his roots in Corpus Christi, Noe brings international expertise to local events productions and sponsors downtown events.  Explore how Noe Ybarra is shaping the future of Entertainment with global expertise and hometown passion.


Picture of Noe Ybarra

Introducing Freddy Rodriguez, a versatile entrepreneur and the proud owner of Retro Corpus Christi. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Freddy is not only a Marine and a retired Fire Fighter but also a Corpus Christi native. With a thriving real estate business, Freddy made a purposeful return to Corpus Christi to establish Retro in the heart of downtown, adding a vibrant touch to the local scene.

In a collaborative effort, Noe Ybarra and Freddy Rodriguez joined forces to enhance the entertainment community's offerings. Their downtown locations in Corpus Christi not only provide production gear but also serve as performance venues. The GST Production Incubator, a brainchild of their partnership, doubles as an outdoor event center, supporting local artisans and musicians in creating a vibrant cultural space.

Picture of Freddy Rodriguez
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